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Getting started
The QND SNMP Library extends Operations Manager SNMP monitoring

This code repository is aimed at extending System Center 2012 SNMP monitoring, adding new devices and making easier to discovery device components.

These are the management pack currently published:
- QND.SNMP.Library this is a modules library used to semnplify SNMP monitoring and disocvery
- Progel.LibraEsva this MP monitors Libra Esva antispam devices.

This project has the following dependencies:
- SharpSNMPLib The project includes SharpSnmpLib.dll from version 8.0. SharpSnmpLib is licensed under the MIT license agreement, see SharpSnmpLib site for more details. Thx to Malcolm Crowe, Lex Li, and other contributors for their great work.

Other SNMP monitoring projects based on the library:
- Kemp LoadMaster Management Pack

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